Engine Repair

Is your check engine light on? Do you need engine repair? Our trained ASE certified mechanics at Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. can help. Our shop has the proper equipment, tools and experience to diagnose your vehicle. Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. has quality car repair services and engine repair at affordable prices.

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Why engine diagnostic and repair service is necessary: A check engine light might indicate anything from a loosened gasoline cap to something much more serious like a blown head gasket, or low oil pressure. Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. can promptly check your engine and may stop additional failings of engine repair requirements.

Most vehicles are now furnished with advanced digital engine monitoring systems which can find and even prevent problems which can irreparably damage your car. The computer system in your engine receives data from a collection of sensors and switches which basically informs your ignition, fuel systems and emission control systems what to do. When any of those systems fail, misfire or goes out of range it triggers the computer system to turn on your check engine light.

Avoid major engine repair by not ignoring the check engine light! Don’t be misled by a local auto parts store analyzing a check engine light. Come to Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. for a certified ASE mechanic to find the origin of the problem that might otherwise be misdiagnosed.

To avoid major engine repair call Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. at the first sign of any type of engine complications including:

• Noises or knocks
• Low fuel economy
• Dashboard panel light indicators

The mechanics at Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. offer a complete auto repair center that can diagnose issues in your engine by accessing your car’s computer system. Example of common indicators are:

• Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
• Ignition System
• Electrical Systems
• Fuel Injection System
• Sensors and Spark Plugs
• Cylinder Balance Test
• Air Condition System

Any engine repair can be done at Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. Stop by at the first sign of any trouble.

Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. can assist you with diagnostics and your car engine repair.

Allow our professional and experienced engine repair technicians at Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc, service your engine and repair necessary parts to keep it performing at its optimum capacity. Contact us to schedule your car engine repair or other auto repair service. Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. is your one stop shop for local engine, auto repair and vehicle maintenance.