Oil Change

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Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. Oil Change 

At Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. we only perform full service oil and filter changes. We do not just change your oil and filter in 5 minutes like oil change supercenters. We employ ASE Certified Technicians that thoroughly inspect your vehicle during your filter and oil change. At Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. our service for every oil and filter change or 3k mile maintenance interval is to:

Oil Change
• Oil Filter Change
• Top off all Fluids
• Set Tire Pressure to Manufacturer Specifications
• Grease any serviceable Chassis components
• Perform a Complete Vehicle Inspection such as;
• Checking Belts and Hoses
• Inspecting and filling all fluids
• Rotating parts
• Tires
• Brakes (if visible)
• Fluid Leaks
• Bulbs
• Factory Scheduled Maintenance
• Safety Issues

Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. Oil Change:
Your car depends on a new oil change and replacement oil filters to keep it running efficiently per the manufacturers’ instructions. Oil is an essential component to all engines and an oil change ensures that it is full, clean from debris and fragments, as well as not burnt. A properly maintained oil change can lessen the damage from heat by those moving engine parts. Regularly scheduled maintenance and an oil change service may increase your engine’s efficiency as well as expand the life of your vehicle’s engine.

Stop by Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. for an oil change when:

Every 3,000 – 5,000 miles to stop engine wear, get an oil and filter change to keep your car’s engine free from particles. If the oil light maintenance indicator appears on your car’s dashboard, we will reset it for you. We also perform a courtesy inspection by looking over your vehicle, ensuring that there is nothing visually needed for repair that will not make it until your next oil change. All fluids are topped off as well. We stock almost every available oil filter to help ensure the oil change is done in a timely manner. See you soon!