Diesel Repair

Diesel repair provided by Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. is performed by trained, ASE Certified Technicians, qualified to work on your diesel car or truck. These highly skilled technicians can perform diesel diagnostics, all levels of diesel repair service work from standard preventive maintenance to complete engine rebuilds. We also offer custom maintenance packages for your business and fleet accounts. Whatever level of diesel repair service you need, Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. can provide it. You’ve finally found a diesel repair company that knows how to maintain and repair your diesel Cummins, Powerstroke, Duramax, Sprinter, NPR and other diesel engines.

Maintaining your diesel car or truck is very important. First thing to do is make sure the technicians are certified in diesel repair. Diesel engines need specific fluids and additives to ensure the engine is not compromised. Anyone can change fluids but not everyone understands what and why certain additives should be added to the diesel engine lubrication system, cooling system, and fuel system. At Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. we can help you properly service your diesel application in a timely manner.

• Domestic General Repair
• Fleet Repairs
• Import General Repair
• Off-Road Vehicle Repairs
• Alignment
• Chassis
• Exhaust
• Shocks
• Belts & Hoses
• Radiators
• Batteries
• Starters & Alternators
• Automatic Transmission
• Clutches
• Four-wheel drive Transmission
• Front-wheel drive Transmission
• Manual Transmission
• Computer & Diagnostic
• Drivability

• Engine Controls
• Cylinder Block
• Cylinder Head
• Timing
• Diesel Engine Replacement
• Diesel Maintenance
• 24 Hour Towing 
• Flat-bed Towing
• Large Vehicle Towing
• Free local shuttle service with repairs by appointment
• Performance modifications
• Pre-purchase inspections
• Pre-trip inspection
• RV repair
• Trailer hitches and wiring – Class 1, 2, and 3 hitches
• On site welding
• Most extended warranties accepted


For our precision machine shop please visit: Advanced Cylinder Heads, LLC.